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Upgrading the Lexium MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP Application Firmware

Before you begin This upgrade procedure is for Lexium MDrive models with a Kinetis K64 processor using the 2.4.x.x firmware. The following prerequisite steps are required before performing a firmware upgrade on your Lexium MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP product. Download and install the Lexium MDrive Software Suite. Download and extract the Ethernet Application Firmware file. From …

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Transitioning to MDrivePlus Motion Control from Legacy MDrive

The MDrivePlus Motion Control products represent significant improvements over the legacy MDrives. Based on new patented technology, they feature a richer software command set, improved current control, and enhanced thermal dissipation. Along with these improvements, there may be situations where the MDrivePlus are not “drop-in replacements” for existing legacy MDrives. Some customers may have software …

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Transitioning from MicroLYNX

Hardware differences These two systems have very different hardware features and functions. For example, the MicroLYNX has expansion slots, and the MForce does not. These slots allow up to a total of 24 isolated digital IO. In the MForce Plus^2 version, there are eight digital 5-24 VDC IO which are non-isolated. Hardware features not available …

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Upgrading CANopen Bootloader & Firmware

The boot loader version is located in the product identification block at the right of the home screen of the CANopen Configuration utility. SEM recommends using the latest firmware and boot versions. Requirements: Lexium MDrive Software Suite with the CANopen Configuration Utility installed. The latest firmware and bootloader files for the Lexium MDrive CANopen products, …

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Transitioning from IMx products

Transitioning from IM483/IM805 to MForce Step/direction When converting an application from IM483/IM805 drives to MForce Step and Direction drives, there are many considerations. These two systems have very similar stepper drive capabilities. The MForce’s current capability is listed in RMS Amps while the IM483/IM805 drives output currents were listed in Peak Amps. As a result, …

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