Topic: Mechanical

Selecting stepper motor stack size

The capabilities of the different stack length motors are often confusing to people specifying them and designing them into systems.  The best way to think of the capabilities of the different stack lengths of a particular frame size is to think of the trade-offs.  The smaller MDrive stack length has lower torque that persists to …

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Installing the anti-backlash nut

Installation To install threaded model nuts, simply hand tighten until the shoulder is flush with the mounting surface. A small amount of Loctite thread compound such as #277 can be used to prevent loosening. Alternatively, a pin can be installed to mechanically lock the threads. Flanged models can be mounted to either the front or …

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Stepper vs. Pneumatic Applications

Take the case of a packaging equipment manufacturer with a machine based on a modular design that could be adapted to different boxes depending on the end customer. Let us consider that the primary function of this machine is filling, folding and sealing boxes. Some customers need desiccant bags put in the box before sealing, …

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