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VBA Examples

VBA Example using Microsoft® Excel Sample project for developing code using VBA to programming to control motion direction and velocity using an Excel spreadheet (*.xls in a *zip file). Embedded Project using Microsoft® Excel Sample project for developing code using Visual Basic programming language to communicate with MDrive  motion control products.

MCode: Programming MDrive I/O

Global or Local variables Like All MDrive variables, the I/O point configuration can be declared two ways: Globally Locally Global:  Global I/O configurations, are declared outside the main body of the program. These are more typical and are used when you want the I/O point to have the same function at all times. Local:  Local …

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Modbus/TCP vs MCode/TCP Overview

MODBUS/TCP (Connect to port 502) MODBUS/TCP is a standard protocol designed for multidrop networks based on a client-server architecture communicating over TCP/IP. MCode/TCP (Connect to port 503) MCode/TCP is a protocol based upon the MDrive programming language using 1 and two character mnemonics. Depending on the port selected (ip.address:502 or ip.address:503) the device operation will …

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