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VBA Examples

VBA Example using Microsoft® Excel Sample project for developing code using VBA to programming to control motion direction and velocity using an Excel spreadheet (*.xls in a *zip file). Embedded Project using Microsoft® Excel Sample project for developing code using Visual Basic programming language to communicate with MDrive  motion control products.

MCode: Programming MDrive I/O

Global or Local variables Like All MDrive variables, the I/O point configuration can be declared two ways: Globally Locally Global:  Global I/O configurations, are declared outside the main body of the program. These are more typical and are used when you want the I/O point to have the same function at all times. Local:  Local …

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Modbus/TCP vs MCode/TCP Overview

MODBUS/TCP (Connect to port 502) MODBUS/TCP is a standard protocol designed for multidrop networks based on a client-server architecture communicating over TCP/IP. MCode/TCP (Connect to port 503) MCode/TCP is a protocol based upon the MDrive programming language using 1 and two character mnemonics. Depending on the port selected (ip.address:502 or ip.address:503) the device operation will …

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First program: programming motion

Program flow The flowchart below gives a functional overview of what processes the program will employ. The short overview is that the program will ask for some rotations, ask an axis direction, and then perform the move. Once motion is complete, the axis position will be displayed, and the program will ask to repeat or …

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