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Tale of two demos

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There are two motion demos on display in the Schneider Electric Motion USA booth (S-663) at Pack Expo in Chicago, IL from October 28 through October 31, 2012. These demos are built around the new MDrive Ethernet integrated motor, drive, controller products.
These demos illustrate the ability of the MDrive Ethernet products to integrate seamlessly into motion systems with commonly used industrial components.

The demos are visually identical and perform the same motion profile, but have a different architecture. Demo #1 is designed using Rockwell Automation components and is networked using EtherNet/IP. Demo #2 utilizes Schneider Electric components using the MODBUS/TCP protocol to control motion.

Both demos illustrate the benefits of using an integrated motion solution in a system to reduce complexity and cabling.

Demo #1

Demo #1 demonstrates implicit messaging over EtherNet/IP. The HMI is programmed to show push buttons which activate tags to set or change parameters in the MDrive product. An MDrive I/O point is configured to operate as a homing switch to initialize the demo with a homing routine.  The motion profile runs a coordinated motion simulation using the two MDrive EtherNet All-In-One motion systems.

A video of this demo may be viewed here: https://motion.schneider-electric.com/technology-blog/mdrive-ethernetip-integrated-all-in-one-motion-systems-for-industrial-automation/


  • CompactLogix PLC (Rockwell Automation)
  • PanelView HMI (Rockwell Automation)
  • 2 x MDrive EtherNet/IP NEMA 23 Products (Schneider Electric Motion USA)

Demo #2

Demo #2 runs the same basic motion profile as Demo #1, the difference being that the homing sequence used homes to the index mark of the integrated internal encoder. The motion parameters are controlled using the popular MODBUS/TCP protocol with all Schneider Electric components.


  • Modicon M258 PLC (Schneider Electric)
  • Megelis HMI (Schneider Electric)
  • 2 x MDrive EtherNet/IP NEMA 23 Products (Schneider Electric Motion USA)


These two demos illustrate the capability of the MDrive EtherNet/IP All-In-One motion systems to be integrated into motion control applications using either Schneider Electric controller products, or systems using other commonly used controllers over either EtherNet/IP or MODBUS/TCP.

For more information on MDrive EtherNet/IP products please stop by our booth, #S-663 at Pack Expo or Click Here!

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