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Application Showcase: Integrated Motor Solution in Laser Marking Machine

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Traceability and regulatory compliance measures often require a permanent marking solution for barcodes, serial numbers and manufacturer info. Mecco Marking and Traceability (https://www.mecco.com) manufactures laser marking machines customized to meet their customers needs based upon the application requirements.

In order to provide the precision motion control required by their customer’s applications, Mecco design engineers discovered that MDrive Integrated Motor Systems (IMS) by Schneider Electric Motion USA  provided the ideal solution in terms of reliability, repeatability, cost and space requirements.

As shown in the video above, MDrive products are used to control motion in three axes: X, Y and Z for positioning and focusing the laser head. The integrated nature of the MDrive products, which contain motor, driver, controller and/or optional encoder in a single small package, make it an appealing solution for Mecco’s application needs. By using MDrive products, Mecco was able to:

  • Reduce cabling in the system, thus reducing potential failure points.
  • Reduce cabinet space and heating through having the drive and control electronics distributed through the system.
  • Reduce cost over the cost of individual system components.
  • Reduce system complexity and increase system reliability.
  • Reduce engineering and assembly time.
  • Provide customizable solutions for their customers using the on-board I/O capabilities of the MDrive product.
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