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Exploring a new technology – Hybrid Motion Technology (HMT)

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It’s always exciting when a new technology is released with limitless potential to change the way we go about our work. The new game changing technology for the automation industry I would like to introduce to you today is such an advance.

Traditionally, machine designs utilizing brushless motor technologies had two possibilities for motor and control: servo and stepper. Each of these technologies has strengths and weaknesses.

Servo motors have the advantage of outputting higher torque at higher speeds but with the downside of being costly and complex.

Steppers are inexpensive, have excellent high torque at low speed performance with stiffness at standstill, but tend to lose synchronization and stall during rapid acceleration, deceleration or transient load conditions.

These motor and control technologies represent the two ends of the brushless motor application spectrum, and each are well suited to perform in their separate area. There is, however, a gap between these ends where a stepper is too little and a servo too much.

Enter Hybrid Motion Technology™ into the motion scene. By combining the strengths of both servo and stepper control technologies, while eliminating the weaknesses, HMT offers a third possibility for demanding applications. Especially applications that fall into the performance gap between servos and steppers.

Hybrid Motion Technology™ is a control technology that when applied to a stepper motor, results in decidedly un-stepper-like performance. By closely maintaining the relationship of the rotor and stator, HMT eliminates loss of synchronization while opening up the full torque range of the motor. This opens applications traditionally requiring a servo at significantly lower cost.

Applications such as bottle capping, web tensioning, clamping and other force applications may now be accomplished more efficiently and less expensively using our Hybrid Motion Technology™ enhanced integrated motor and drive products – MDrive Hybrid (https://imshome.com/products/mdrive_hybrid/mdrive_hybrid.html).

Join us in the upcoming weeks as we dig into the nuts and bolts of this exciting new technology.

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