CANopen Lexium Motion Module

Press Release

CANopen Lexium Motion Module

Compact programmable motion controller now available for CANopen applications

Marlborough, CT,  July 15, 2016

The recently released Lexium Motion Module (LMM), an ultra-compact programmable motion controller, expands its performance range with the release of a new CANopen version.
The product’s full featured CANopen interface supports CiA DS301: CANopen Application Layer/Communication Profile and DSP402: Device Profile for Drives/Motion Control. For CANopen motion systems with tight space constraints, the LMM’s extremely compact size of 2.7×1.4×0.16” (68x35x4mm) is a good solution.

To expedite development with the CANopen LMM, a 1-axis Development Board is available. It includes isolated I/O, CAN communications transceivers and locking pluggable connectors. The Development Board is available alone or as part of a complete Starter Kit. The Starter Kit includes a CANopen LMM, 1-axis Development Board, NEMA 17 frame motor with encoder, USB-to-CAN communications converter, and power supply.

Complementing the 1.5 Amp LMM, a selection of motors are available. Standard options include rotary stepper motors in NEMA sizes 8 (20mm), 11 (28mm), 14 (36mm) and 17 (42mm). Custom motor sizes and styles are also available, as are LMM with alternate power levels and communication platforms. Inquiries are welcome.

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Lexium Motion Module CANopen with interface board