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PackExpo 2018 products

New and upcoming products shown at PackExpo 2018

Introducing Absolute MDrive®!

Introducing Lexium MDrive products with an integrated multi-turn absolute encoder for applications that require position information to be tracked and updated regardless of the state of system power.

Absolute MDrive is perfect for applications where it is desirable to reduce the overhead of mechanical homing switches or sensors. Using a magnetic encoder to monitor and store position information in a multiturn counter, the Absolute MDrive eliminates the need for a homing routine each time the system is power-cycled, reducing the setup time required by the machine on startup.

The counter will sample the encoder to detect shaft movement and store position information regardless of the power state of the Lexium MDrive.

In the absence of main power, the multi-turn counter will be powered for up to 30-days.

An optional battery pack extends the counter update life to five years. Encoder status and battery level may be queried via the control interface.

Rapid application development with Automation Libraries

Add-on instructions designed to simplify the integration of the Lexium MDrive with popular models of PACs. The Lexium Mdrive Ethernet TCP/IP plus these Automation Libraries provide an efficient and easy path to implement an interface between the LMD and a PAC.

Increase your code efficiency and decrease your development time with support for the following functions:

  • Relative and absolute moves
  • Jogging
  • Homing
  • Read inputs
  • Write outputs

The libraries provide support for the following protocols and PACS:

  • EtherNet/IP: Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and CompactLogix families
  • Profinet: Seimens S7 series

Download Libraries!

Lexium MDrive Linear Actuator

Lexium MDrive® Linear Actuator products integrate a 1.8° 2-phase stepper motor, external shaft linear mechanicals and drive electronics to deliver long life, high accuracy and repeatability in an extremely compact and low cost package. LMD linears may also include a fully programmable motion controller with on-board I/O, enabling stand-alone motion control without need of an external controller. Real time closed loop performance is also available, for enhanced performance and feedback. Offered in IP20 and IP65 versions.

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Lexium MDrive Electric Cylinder

Introducing Lexium MDrive Captive Linears

Stop by our booth and see our Lexium MDrive Captive Linear Actuators in action. These direct drive electric cylinders with integrated motor and electronics are ideal for applications requiring maintenance-free linear motion in a small footprint.

Speak to one of our sales engineers about simplifying your machine design by replacing pneumatic components with integrated electric cylinders.

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