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Profinet IO protocol for industrial Ethernet.

Profinet IO industrial protocol over Ethernet TCP/IP

Profinet IO is used for data exchange between I/O controllers (PLC, etc.) and I/O devices (field devices) such as the Lexium MDrive Profinet. Profinet IO uses the proven communication model and application view of Profibus DP and extends it by Ethernet as the communication medium. Among other benefits, this provides a greater bandwidth and allows more stations on the network. The Profinet IO specifications define a protocol and an application interface for exchanging I/O data, alarms and diagnostics and for transmitting data records and logbook information. To exchange I/O data and alarms, Profinet IO is based directly on the Ethernet protocol. Profinet IO classifies devices into three types:
  1. IO Controllers, such as PLC’s, map IO data from Profinet IO devices, such as the Lexium MDrive.
  2. IO Devices, in this case the Lexium MDrive Profinet.
  3. IO Supervisors, such as a PC is used for commissioning and system diagnostics.
Schneider Electric Motion USA Ethernet products support Profinet as an IO device with remote I/O on-board these integrated motion products. Available as open or closed loop with an internal magnetic encoder. Closed loop models feature hMTechnology.
Example EtherNet/IP network using Lexium MDrive products

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