Standard ODVA protocol for industrial Ethernet.

ODVA conformance checked EtherNet/IP products

EtherNet/IP is the most widely used industrial Ethernet solution for factory automation. Developed by Rockwell Automation, and managed by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA), EtherNet/IP provides a complete set of services and messages for: control, synchronization, safety, motion, and data exchange. For a detailed explanation of EtherNet/IP, read this posting on our Technology Blog.

Schneider Electric Motion USA Ethernet products support EtherNet/IP as an adapter class device capable of implicit and explicit messaging with remote I/O on-board these integrated motion products. Available as open or closed loop with an internal magnetic encoder. Closed loop models feature hMTechnology.

Example EtherNet/IP network using Lexium MDrive products
Example EtherNet/IP network using Lexium MDrive products

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