MDrive Linear Actuator

MLM5 NEMA 23 Non-captive Linear Step/direction input IP20

MDrive Step/direction input NEMA 23 (57 mm) non-captive linear actuator with 5 VDC differential inputs.

Our linear motors feature precision rolled lead screws which are designed specifically for motion control applications to deliver maximum life and quiet operation. Corrosion resistant and non-magnetic, screws are manufactured from premium grade stainless steel. Screws may optionally be ordered with Teflon coating.

Non-captive shaft motor delivers up to 200 lbs (97 kg) of thrust for demanding applications.

Control Type Step/direction input
Control Method Differential CW/CCW inputs
P1 Connector Options Power & I/O Flying Leads, Pluggable, Wire Crimp
P2 Connector Options Comm IDC, None
Communications Interface SPI
NEMA Size NEMA (mm) 23 (57)
Holding Torque
oz-in (N-cm) 90 (64)
Operating Temperature [°C] heatsink 85
[°C] motor 100
IP rating IP20
California Residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Input Voltage VDC 12 ... 75
Power Supply Current Requirement [A] 2.0/3.5*
CW +/- & CCW +/-
Voltage [+ VDC] +5 TTL
Current [mA] Max 14.6
Digital Filter Range [nS … μS] 50 … 12.9
[MHz … kHz] 10 … 38.8
Step Frequency [MHz] Max 5
Microstep Resolutions [Steps/Rev] 200 … 51200
Clock Types Step/Direction, Step Up/Step Down, Quadrature


Motor Performance

Spec Notes Value
Holding torque oz-in 90
N-cm 64
Maximum screw misalignment ° ±1
Maximum thrust lbs 200
kg 97
Maximum repeatability in 0.005
mm 0.127
Rotor inertia oz-in-sec2 0.0025
kg-cm2 0.18
Weight (motor+driver) oz 22.0
g 625.0

Screw G

Screw A

Screw B

Screw D


(1) Test conditions: maximum force/load is based on a static load. This will vary with a dynamic load.

(2) Load limits – 200 lbs (97 kg)

Mechanical dimensions

dimensions in inches (mm)

Screw travel specifications

Travel per revolution
Screw inches mm
Screw A 0.25 6.35
Screw B 0.125 3.175
Screw C 0.063 1.588
Travel per full step
Screw inches mm
Screw A 0.00125 0.0317
Screw B 0.00063 0.0158
Screw C 0.00031 0.0079

Dimensional information

Dimensional information
  in / mm
A 3.0 to 24.0 / 77.5 to 610.0
in 0.1 / 0.25 increments
B 0.50 / 12.7
 C 0.375 / 9.525

Nut specifications

End treatment options

Need a custom screw solution?

Custom screw ends

SEM offers numerous customization options for your lead screw. Contact us to learn more!

Leadscrew maintenance statement

While under optimal conditions lubrication interval is expected to occur approximately once every 1000 hours of service. Actual life will depend on application and environment. Based upon this, frequent inspections must be performed and a maintenance interval determined based on actual conditions.

Recommended lubricant: Dupont Krytox GPL 206

Part Number:

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Screw Selection

Connectivity Accessories

Accessory Function Part Number
Communications Converter
Prototype Develoment Cable(s)
Connector Kit(s)
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