MDI4 NEMA 34 AC Programmable Motion Control IP54

MDrive Plus

MDrive Plus Programmable Motion Control with Expanded I/O set is a high-performance all-in-one integrated motion control solution for a variety of applications and Industries. This  integrates a  1.8°  NEMA 34 (85 mm) hybrid stepper motor with driver and controller. Motor torque ranges from  330 … 750 oz-in (233 … 529 N-cm) providing maximum torque for demanding applications.

Communications, direct control and programming is accomplished over an RS-422/485 serial connection using the powerful, intuitive MCode OS, SEM USA’s proprietary programming language featuring simple, function-relevant mnemonics to access the MDrive’s powerful features. Multidrop capability allows for up to 64 nodes on a serial network. .

The MDrive Plus Programmable Motion Control features eight (8) I/O points programmable as sinking or sourcing inputs or sinking or sourcing outputs, or optional remote encoder inputs .  Ingress protection is rated at IP65.

All MDrive Plus models are CE, REACH and RoHS compliant..



Control Type Programmable Motion Control
Feature Set Expanded (Plus2)
P1 Connector Options Power & I/O M23 Circular
P2 Connector Options Comm M12 circular
Communications Interface RS-422/485
Communications Features MCode OS, 4.8 … 115.2 kbps baud rate
NEMA Size NEMA (mm) 34 (85)
Holding Torque Range oz-in (N-cm) 330 ... 750 (233 ... 529)
Operating Temperature [°C] heatsink 75
[°C] motor 90
IP rating IP65/54
California Residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Input Voltage VAC 95 ... 132/95 ... 264*
Power Supply Current Requirement [A] --
Aux-Logic Supply Voltage [+VDC] 12 … 24
Aux-Logic Supply Curret [mA] max 194
*240 VAC model
Programmable I/O
General Purpose
# of I/O 8 I/O points, programmable as sinking or sourcing inputs or outputs
Logic Range Inputs and outputs tolerant to +24 VDC, inputs TTL compatible
Output Sink Current Up to 600 mA per channel
Isoation None
Protection Over temp, short circuit, transient over voltage, over voltage, inductive clamp
Dedicated I/O
Function Capture input, trip output, clock/direction I/O
Logic range 0 to +5 VDC, TTL compatible
I/O Option – Remote Encoder Inputs
*Replaces the following: 4 general purpose I/O points, clock and direction dedicated I/O points with TTL tolerant differential encoder inputs
Function Channel A ±, Channel B ± and Index ±
Logic range 0 to +5 VDC, TTL compatible
Analog Input
Resolution [Bits] 10
Range (selectable 0 to +5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA
Type Position and Encoder
Resolution [Bits] 32
Edge Rate [MHz] 5
Range [steps/sec] +/-5,000,000
Resolution [steps/sec] 0.5961
Range [steps/sec2] 1.5 X 109
Resolution [steps/sec2] 90.9
Open Loop
# of step resolutions 20
Range [steps/rev] 200 … 51200
with Encoder option
Encoder type Internal, differential, magnetic
Resolution 512 lines (2048 edges)
Steps/Rev 51200


Motor Performance

Holding torque [oz-in] 330
[N-cm] 233
Detent torque [oz-in] 10.9
[N-cm] 7.7
Rotor inertia [oz-in-sec2] 0.01416
[kg-cm2] 1.0
Weight [lb] 6.4
[kg] 2.9
Holding torque [oz-in] 500
[N-cm] 353
Detent torque [oz-in] 14.16
[N-cm] 10.0
Rotor inertia [oz-in-sec2] 0.02266
[kg-cm2] 1.6
Weight [lb] 7.7
[kg] 3.5
Holding torque [oz-in] 750
[N-cm] 529
Detent torque [oz-in] 19.83
[N-cm] 14.0
Rotor inertia [oz-in-sec2] 0.04815
[kg-cm2] 3.4
Weight [lb] 11.0
[kg] 5.0

Mechanical dimensions

dimensions in inches (mm)
Motor Length LMAX1 LMAX2 (1)
Single 6.1 (155.0) 7.1 (180.4)
Double 6.9 (174.3) 7.9 (199.7)
Triple 8.4 (214.3) 9.4 (239.7)

(1) Represents maximum dimension with connectors/options.

Part Number:

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Connectivity Accessories

Accessory Function Part Number
Communications Converter
Prototype Develoment Cable(s)