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NEMA 34 Stepper Motor

Hybrid Stepper Motor

M-34 NEMA 34 6.3 A 1.8° Stepper Motor

Robust maintenance-free rotary NEMA 34 2-phase hybrid stepper motor. This motor has a high power density and is capable of high microstep resolution and quiet operation with minimal resonance when paired with our MForce or discreet PCB mount drive products.  Options include double shaft or incremental encoder. 

  • Motor size: NEMA 34 (85 mm)
  • Holding Torque range: 419 to 1203 Oz-in / 296 to 920 N-cm
  • Current: 6.3 amps


Torque-speed performance

Single stack length
Double stack length
Triple stack length
Test conditions

100% current with damper simulating load.

Motor Characteristics

PerformancenotesSingle LengthDouble LengthTriple Length
Phase current[Amps]
Holding torque[oz-in]4085741090
Rotor inertia[oz-in-sec2]0.012750.019240.03849
Phase inductance[mH]
Phase resistance[Ohm]0.300.320.56

California Residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning

Wiring & Mechanical

Motor wiring/connectivity

Flying Leads

Connector: Flying Leads

Description: Motor to 12.6 (32 cm) flying leads interface

Housing P/N:
Crimp Pin P/N:
Crimp Pin QTY:

Notes: Motor wiring AWG18 (0.75 mm2) 12″ (32 cm) long.

Pin configuration
Pin # Signal Description
1 – Black ∅ A Phase A output
2 – Orange Ø /A Phase A return
3 – Red Ø B Phase B output
4 – Yellow Ø /B Phase B return

Mechanical/Dimensional Information

Dimensions are in inches (mm)

Length L dimension – inches (mm)
Single 2.48 (63)
Double 3.15 (80)
Triple 4.72 (120)

Documents & Downloads

3D Models
October 2018
1.11 MB
Firmware - Released
Not available for this product.

Hardware Manuals
Not available for this product.

Product Datasheets
January 2020
673 KB
Software Manuals
Not available for this product.

User Interface Software
Not available for this product.


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