Trip On Relative Position

Example Program

Trip On Relative Position


This program will show the use the trip on relative position function (TR).

Program slews the motor at 600 RPM  =  10 RPS. Sets a trip on relative position which produces a 255 * 50 nS pulse every 512 steps. Runs and stops when I1 toggles. Stops quickly when I2 goes low.  (NOT AN E-STOP)

Hardware requirement: Switch connected to Inputs 1 and 2

The code shown on the right may be copied and pasted into the program editor window of the Motion Control Interface application.


  • MCode OS

Applicable Product

  • Lexium MDrive
  • MDrive Linear Actuator
  • MDrive Plus
  • MForce

Resource Files

[wpdm_package id=8481 template=[wpdm_package id=8482 template=[wpdm_package id=6010 template=[wpdm_package id=2520 template=

Program Example

The highlighted syntax calls out differences between MDrive MCode and Lexium MCode

Lexium MCodeMDrive MCode