Move on BCD

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Move on BCD


The following application will move the motor to a variety of positions based upon a binary input to I/O 1-4. One of the things this application shows is one of the new Microstep Resolution settings that give the ability to set motion to occur in 0.001˚ increments. The program does a calculation after each move to show motor position in degrees.

To run program, enter EX 1 into the terminal. You can index the motor by moving the switches to the center (OFF) position to represent a 4-bit binary number where switch 4 is the most significant bit.

The terminal will display the decimal equivalent, as well as the axis position in degrees.

This program illustrates the following functions:

  1. The ability to input BCD to the I/O group and control processes based on the value of the inputs.
  2. The ability to manipulate numeric position data to display it in familiar units of measure.


  • MCode OS
  • Programmable I/O

Applicable Product

  • MDrive Linear Actuator
  • MDrive Plus
  • MForce

Resource Files

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