CANopen – Profile position mode

Example Program

CANopen – Profile position mode


Profile Position Mode – demonstrates the different move types supported for position control executed via Service Data Objects (SDOs).

SEM CANopen products support relative and absolute moves to position. Using either relative or absolute moves, the user can also select (by the control word data) if the target position should be reached before another target position is allowed (finish first) or if the SEM product should execute a newly received target position even if still in motion (immediate).


  • CANopen
  • Getting Started

Applicable Product

  • LMM
  • Lexium MDrive
  • Lexium MDrive Linears
  • MDrive Linear Actuator
  • MDrive Plus
  • MForce

Resource Files

Program Example

The below example sets typical motion profile commands a system would configure1, enabling the motor power2 and the four different move types3supported in Profile Position Mode using SDOs with Node ID 41h.
1Typical motion profile commands could be set each time on power up from host or set using a configuration file and stored to NVM once.
2Enabling the motor power only has to be done once on power up.
3The Control Word data selects the move type.