Binary Counter

Example Program

Binary Counter


The following program addresses the lower output bank as a group using the OL variable. A subroutine sets the Output group from a Register value, which is incremented each time the subroutine runs and then moves the motor based upon a multiple of the output group state. When the register reaches a count of 15, a subroutine will run to reset it to zero, restarting the process.

The 4-bit binary number will display on the LED bank as the device counts up.

Enter “EX 1” into the terminal to run the program. The program will automatically begin to count up in binary, while the motor will move a distance that is a multiple of that count.

This illustrates the following functions:

  • The ability to output BCD via the I/O group.
  • The ability to use and manipulate numeric data and perform operations based upon that data.


  • MCode OS

Applicable Product

  • MDrive Linear Actuator
  • MDrive Plus
  • MForce

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Binary Counter Example Program