IB462He 2.0 A Half/Full Step Driver Module


Based upon our popular IB462 Half/Full Step driver, the IB462He is a low cost, high performance alternative to larger drivers. The small size of the patented IB462He makes it ideal for systems where space is at a premium without sacrificing performance.

Control Type Step/Direction
Control Interface Step, direction and enable inputs
Driver Type Half/Full Step
Operating Temperature [°C] 0 … +70
California Residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Input Voltage [+VDC] +12 to +48
Output Current [A] 0.1 ... 2.0
Low-Level Input Voltage SCLK, DIR, H/F, Reset [+VDC] 0.6
Low-Level Input Voltage Enable Input [+VDC] 1.3
High-Level Input Voltage All Inputs [+VDC] 5.0
Low-Level Input Curren SCLK, DIR, H/F, Enable [mA] -1.2
Low-Level Input Curren Reset Input [μA] -200
High Level Input Current SCLK, DIR, H/F, Enable [μA] 10
Input Pull-up Resistance SCLK, DIR, H/F, Enable 4.9
Input Pull-up Resistance Reset Input 52
Step Frequency [kHz] max 40
Step Resolutions [steps/full step]   1 … 2

Recommended motors

NEMA 17Stepper Motor
32 to 75 oz-in (23 to 53 N-cm) holding torque
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor
12.5 oz-in (8.8 N-cm) holding torque
NEMA 11 Stepper Motor
12.9 to 24.1 oz-in (9.1 to 17 N-cm) holding torque

Mechanical dimensions

dimensions in inches (mm)
Description Part number
5.0 A Driver Module IB462He
Isolating Thermal Pad (Included with Driver) TI–462H
Heat Sink (Includes Mount ing Hardware) H-462H
Driver Interface Board INT–462
21 Pin Right Angle Connector HY462-CN021