User Interface Software

Graphical User Interfaces for commissioning, controlling and programming our products.

Beta Test SEM Terminal/Motion Control Programmer:

Test the latest features and functions of SEM Terminal/Motion Control Programmer: Beta Test Software.

Lexium Software Suite

Lexium MDrive and Motion Module | Release date: 11/15/2018

Installation wrapper for the tools and utilities available to program and configure the Lexium MDrive and Motion Module products.

  • Motion Control Interface: ASCII terminal emulator/Programming environment for products using the MCode Operating System. All Motion Control and Ethernet products
  • Pulse/direction Interface: Used to set the configuration parameters for the Lexium MDrive Pulse/direction products. Features basic and advanced modes.
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Interface: Required to select the IP address and subnet mask, and to load an industrial application: Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP or Profinet IO.
  • CANopen Interface: used to set the NODEID and BAUD on Lexium MDrive and CANOpen Motion Module products using the MD-CC501-001 or compatible PEAK/Phytec CAN adapter. Not required as all SEM CANopen products fully support CiA DS305: Layer Setting Services for commissioning the product.
Lexium Software Suite
Lexium Software Suite

MDrive and MForce products

Motion Control products

Integrated ASCII program editor and ANSI Terminal emulator. For use with MDrive and MForce Motion Control products. SEM Terminal is the next generation of the SEM Terminal program enhanced with advanced features and functionality.

MDrive Motion Control
MForce Motion Control
MDrive Ethernet

IMS Terminal: deprecated version for use with older Windows 32 Operating Systems

Step/Direction and Speed Control

For use with MDrive and MForce Step/direction and Speed Control products with an SPI communication interface. Update to improve compatibility with x64 Windows operating systems. Replaces IMS SPI Motor Interface 3.1.70.

MDrive and MForce Step/direction and
MDrive Speed Control

Ethernet Products

For use with MDrive units with an Ethernet communication interface. Required to configure the IP address and subnet mask. Includes a terminal emulator for MCode/TCP, a PDU entry dialog for sending MODBUS/TCP commands and Assembly object mapping tool for EtherNet/IP.

MDrive Ethernet

CANopen Products

For use with MDrive and MForce CANopen units with a CANopen communication interface. Use of this tool requires the MD-CC500-000 USB to CANopen converter cable.

MDrive and MForce CANopen

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