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Quick References

Quick references are brief, graphical instructions show connector pinout and wiring and give initial setup and configuration instructions.

Lexium MDrive Products

Enter the part number of your Lexium MDrive product. For LMD Linear Actuator products or E-cylinders, only enter the base part number of the device, for example: LMDCM571.



In the case of MDrive Linear Actuator models only enter the base part number (the part number up to -LXX). For example: you would only enter MLI3CRD17A4-EE.

PDF Quick References

MDrive Plus

Programmable Motion Control

Motion Control Date
MDrive14Plus 01/2010
MDrive17Plus 01/2010
MDrive17Plus2-65 01/2010
MDrive23Plus 01/2010
MDrive23Plus2-65 01/2010
MDrive23Plus – Quad Length Motor 01/2010
MDrive34Plus – Flying Leads 01/2010
MDrive34Plus – Pluggable Connectors 01/2010
MDrive34AC Plus 01/2010

Step/direction input

Product Date
MDrive14Plus 02.2010
MDrive17Plus 02.2010
MDrive17Plus-65 02.2010
MDrive23Plus 02.2010
MDrive23Plus-65 02.2010
MDrive23Plus – Quad Length Motor 02.2010
MDrive34Plus 02.2010
MDrive34AC Plus 02.2010

Speed Control

Product Date
MDrive17Plus 07.2008
MDrive23Plus 07.2008
MDrive23Plus – Quad Length Motor 08.2008
MDrive34Plus – Flying Leads 07.2008
MDrive34Plus – Pluggable Connectors 07.2008



Motion Control & CANopen

Product Date
MicroDrive 02.2010
PowerDrive 02.2010


Product Date
MicroDrive 02.2010
PowerDrive 02.2010


Discrete Drivers


Half/full step

Product Date
IB462He Driver and Accessories 02.2010
Motors & Encoders

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