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Lexium MDrive products


Enter the part number of your Lexium MDrive product.

MDrive products

NOTE: In the case of MDrive Linear Actuator models only enter the base part number (the part number up to -LXX). For example: you would only enter MLI3CRD17A4-EE instead of the full part number MLI3CRD17A4-EE-LB3U180AT

Printable quick reference sheets

Ethernet TCP/IP

Product Date
MDrive23Plus Ethernet TCP/IP 07.2012


Product Date
MDrive14Plus 02.2010
MDrive17Plus 02.2010
MDrive17Plus-65 02.2010
MDrive23Plus 02.2010
MDrive23Plus-65 02.2010
MDrive23Plus – Quad Length Motor 02.2010
MDrive34Plus 02.2010
MDrive34AC Plus 02.2010

Motion Control

Product Date
MicroDrive 02.2010
PowerDrive 02.2010


Product Date
MicroDrive 02.2010
PowerDrive 02.2010

Half/full step

Product Date
IB462He Driver and Accessories 02.2010

Standard 1.8° hybrid stepper motors, 4 lead

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