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Automation Libraries

Rapid application development with automation libraries for interfacing Lexium MDrive Products with popular PACs and PLCs.

Networking Add-on Instructions

Add-on instructions designed to simplify the integration of the Lexium MDrive with popular models of PACs. The Lexium Mdrive Ethernet TCP/IP plus these Automation Libraries provide an efficient and easy path to implement an interface between the LMD and a PAC.

Increase your code efficiency and decrease your development time with support for the following functions:

  • Relative and absolute moves
  • Jogging
  • Homing
  • Read inputs
  • Write outputs

The libraries provide support for the following protocols and PACS:

  • Profinet: Siemens S7 series

Siemens S7 Series Add-on Instructions

Configure and rapidly deploy your Lexium MDrive Profinet application with this Profinet Automation Library for Lexium MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP products.

Library files and full documentation included in the download file.


  • Lexium MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP (any size)
  • Compatible with Seimens S7 PLCs
  • TIA Portal version 15 or greater
  • Lexium Software Suite

Download Lexium Software Suite

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Networking Libraries

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