Blog: Industrial Ethernet

Lexium MDrive Ethernet at PackExpo 2013

Brian Taylor, Field Applications Engineer at Schneider Electric Motion USA discusses the Lexium MDrive Ethernet integrated motor+driver+controller with multiple networking protocols available. The demo shown uses the LMD Ethernet products with PLCs from: Siemens (Profinet), Schneider Electric (Modbus/TCP) and Allen Bradley (EtherNet/IP). [youtube=] Description of the demo

The Case for Industrial Ethernet II: Protocols

In the last posting we took the 5000 foot view of industrial Ethernet and examined why using it for industrial networks is such a good idea. In this posting we want to zoom in and drill down into what makes Ethernet devices play nice together on an industrial network: Protocols.

The case for industrial Ethernet

When the Ethernet standard (IEE802.3) was first adopted in the mid-1980s it was considered unsuitable for industrial automation networks because of its non-deterministic nature. Networks using RS-485 and RS-232 ruled the industry.

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