Blog: Hybrid Motion Technology

hMTechnology and Position Make-up

Our last few postings talked about the “torque mode” operational theory that we added to our “Hybrid” drive. Prior to that we added “variable current mode” and “position makeup”

Four Quadrant Drives: Torque Mode continued

In our last posting we introduced torque motors and posed the question about how we might be able to modify our new “Hybrid” drive to act like a torque motor. Have you thought of a way to do it?

Four Quadrant Drives Part the Third: Torque Mode

Our last few posting introduced a number of improvements to our original stepper drive so we renamed it a “Hybrid” drive. This “Hybrid” drive operates in all four quadrants without missing any steps and without stalling. Think about that for a minute. A stepper system that doesn’t stall, when’s the last time you heard that?

Four Quadrant Drives

Our last posting we introduced the idea of “position make up.” The idea is that we’re using the 1.1 full step rotor-stator lag information and making a choice as to whether or not the drive will send all the steps it has received to the stator.

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