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Upgrading CANopen Bootloader & Firmware

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SEM recommends upgrading the bootloader software for versions 6.11 and lower and application firmware version 7.15 and lower. Updating the CANopen bootloader and firmware is a simple process that takes less than a minute using the upgrade utility built into the CANopen Configuration Tool, a part of Lexium MDrive Software Suite.


  • Lexium MDrive


  • Lexium MDrive Software Suite
  • Lexium MDrive CANopen
  • Latest CANopen Firmware
Lexium MDrive Software Suite


The boot loader version is located in the product identification block at the right of the home screen of the CANopen Configuration utility. SEM recommends using the latest firmware and boot versions.

Lexium MDrive CANopen Configuration Utility
Figure 1: Lexium MDrive CANopen Configuration Utility


  • Lexium MDrive Software Suite with the CANopen Configuration Utility installed.
  • The latest firmware and bootloader files for the Lexium MDrive CANopen products, accessible in the sidebar.
  • Extract the contents of the zip file to a location on your hard drive/

Notes and warnings

  • Once begun, the process must not be interrupted. The bootloader upgrade *Approx 10 seconds)MUST be immediately followed by the Firmware upgrade (Approx 22 seconds). Interrupting either process may result in a non-functional unit.

Upgrade the Boot loader and Firmware

  1. From the home screen of the CANopen Configuration Utility, click the “Upgrade Unit” button.
  2. Click the browse to file button of the upgrade utility window.

    CANopen Firmware Upgrade
    Figure 2: Browse to boot loader file

  3. Select the BootUpgraderApp *.SEM file.

    CANopen Firmware Upgrade
    Figure 3: Select boot loader upgrade file

  4. Click open.
  5. Click “Start Upgrade”
  6. The boot upgrade process takes approximately 10 seconds to complete. At this time DO NOT close the Upgrade Utility screen.
  7. Click the browse to file button of the Upgrade Utility screen, selecting the firmware application upgrade file.

    CANopen Firmware Upgrade
    Figure 4: Select CANopen application upgrade file

  8. Click open.
  9. Click “Start Upgrade”
  10. The firmware application upgrade process takes approximately 23 seconds to complete.

    CANopen Firmware Upgrade
    Figure 5: CANopen upgrade process

  11. When complete, you may close the upgrade utility window and commission the Lexium MDrive CANopen as normal.

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