MD-CS650-000 Cordset

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The MD-CS650-000 is a 5-position, A-coded M12 female with flying leads cable used to interface the CAN bus to Lexium MDrive products. Pre-wired shielded cables with straight M12 connector end for interfacing a CAN network. 10′ (3 m) M12 to flying leads cable.

Connector and pinout comply with CiA DR-303-1: Cabling and Connector Pin Assignment.

Detail Description
Type Cordset
Function Communications Interface Cable
Applicable products Lexium MDrive
Part number MD-CS650-000

Detail drawing

MD-CS650-000 5-pin M12 A-coded (Female) to flying leads

Pin description

Pin # Signal Color Paired to (#) Description
1 CAN_SHLD Brown () Shield
2 CAN_V+ White () Power
3 CAN_GND Black () Ground
4 CAN_H Blue () Dominant high
5 CAN_L Gray () Dominant low