MD-CS620-000 Cordset

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The MD-CS620-000 is a 4-position, B-coded M12 female with flying leads cable used to interface DC power to Lexium MDrive products. Pre-wired shielded cables with straight M12 connector end for interfacing DC power. 10′ (3 m) M12 to flying leads cable.

Detail Description
Type Cordset
Function Power Interface Cable
Applicable products Lexium MDrive
Part number MD-CS620-000

Detail drawing

MD-CS620-000 4-pin M12 B-coded (Female) to flying leads

Pin description

Pin # Signal Color Paired to (#) Description
1 +V Brown () + VDC power input
2 GND White () Power supply return (Ground)
3 AUX V Blue () +12 to +24 VDC Aux power supply
4 GND Black () Power supply return (Ground)