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Lexium MDrive Ethernet at PackExpo 2013

Brian Taylor, Field Applications Engineer at Schneider Electric Motion USA discusses the Lexium MDrive Ethernet integrated motor+driver+controller with multiple networking protocols available. The demo shown uses the LMD Ethernet products with PLCs from: Siemens (Profinet), Schneider Electric (Modbus/TCP) and Allen Bradley (EtherNet/IP).



Description of the demo

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Tale of two demos

There are two motion demos on display in the Schneider Electric Motion USA booth (S-663) at Pack Expo in Chicago, IL from October 28 through October 31, 2012. These demos are built around the new MDrive Ethernet integrated motor, drive, controller products.

These demos illustrate the ability of the MDrive Ethernet products to integrate seamlessly into motion systems with commonly used industrial components.

The demos are visually identical and perform the same motion profile, but have a different architecture. Demo #1 is designed using Rockwell Automation components and is networked using EtherNet/IP. Demo #2 utilizes Schneider Electric components using the MODBUS/TCP protocol to control motion.

Both demos illustrate the benefits of using an integrated motion solution in a system to reduce complexity and cabling.

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