MDrive17Plus Motion Control

The MDrive17Plus Motion Control is a NEMA size 17 high torque 1.8° stepper motor integrated with a microstepping driver and a full featured programmable motion controller.

Controller features include:

  • RS-422/485 communication
  • +12 to +48 VDC input voltage
  • Up to 74.9 oz-in (52.9 N-cm) holding torque
  • Robust programmable I/O (up to 8 general purpose points) with input filtering
  • Powerful instruction set with advanced math functions using 1-2 character mnemonics
  • Step/Direction I/O for electronic gearing (Plus2 models only)
Standards conformity
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  • General
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  • Motor
  • Mechanical
Input Voltage Range (includes back-EMF) +12 to +48 VDC
Power Supply Current Requirement Max per MDrivePlus (depends on voltage and load) 2.0 A
Aux-Logic Supply Voltage Maintains power to logic circuitry in the absence of motor power +12 to +24 VDC
Operating Temperature Measured at heat sink (non-condensing humidity) 85°C
Measured at motor (non-condensing humidity) 100°C
General Purpose I/O Number/Type 4 I/O points, programmable as sinking outputs or sinking and sourcing inputs
Logic Range Inputs and outputs tolerant to +24 VDC, inputs TTL compatible
Output Sink Current Up to 600 mA per channel
Protection Over Temp, Short Circuit, Transient Over Voltage, Over Voltage, Inductive Clamp
Dedicated I/O Type Step/Clock, Direction/Clock, Capture/Trip
Logic Range 0 to +5 VDC, TTL compatible
Analog Input Resolution 10 bit
Range (selectable) 0 to +5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC, 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA
RS-422/485 BAUD Rate 4.8 to 115.2 kbps
Open Loop Configuration Number of Microstep Resolutions 20
Steps per Revolution 200, 400, 800, 1000, 1600, 2000, 3200, 5000, 6400, 10000, 12800, 20000, 25000, 25600, 40000, 50000, 51200, 36000 (0.01 deg/μstep), 21600 (1 arc minute/μstep), 25400 (0.001mm/μstep)
Closed Loop Configuration
(requires encoder option)
Type Differential, Magnetic
Steps per Revolution 51200
Encoder Resolution 512 lines (2048 edges)
Counters Type 32 bit Position and Encoder
Edge Rate (Max) 5 MHz
Velocity Range +/- 5,000,000 Steps per Second
Resolution 0.5961 Steps per Second
Acceleration/Deceleration Range 1.5 X 109 Steps per Second2
Resolution 90.9 Steps per Second2
Program Storage Type/Size Flash/6384 Bytes
User Registers (4) 32-bit
User Program Labels and Variables 192
Math Functions +, -, x, ÷, >, <, =, <=, >=, AND, OR, XOR, NOT
Branch Functions Branch & Call
General Purpose I/O Functions Inputs Home, Limit Plus, Limit Minus, Go, Stop, Pause, Jog Plus, Jog Minus, General Purpose
Outputs Moving, Fault, Velocity Change, General Purpose
Trip Functions Trip on Input, Trip on Position, Trip on Time, Trip Capture, Trip on Relative Position
Encoder Functions Stall Detection, Position Maintenance, Find Index
Party Mode Addresses 62
General Purpose I/O Number/Type 8 I/O points, programmable as sinking or sourcing outputs or sinking and sourcing inputs (4 when remote encoder option is selected)
Logic Range Sourcing Outputs +12 to +24 VDC, Inputs and Sinking Outputs Tolerant to +24 VDC, Inputs TTL Level Compatible
Output Sink Current Up to 600 mA per channel
Electronic Gearing Range‡/Resolution/Threshold
(External Clock In)
0.001 to 2.000/32 Bit/TTL
Input Filter Range 50 nS to 12.9 μS (10 MHz to 38.8 kHz)
Range‡ (Secondary Clock Out) 1 to 1
High Speed I/O Capture Filter Range 50 nS to 12.9 μS (10 MHz to 38.8 kHz)
Capture Resolution 32 bit
Trip Output Speed/Resolution/Threshold 150 ns/32 bit/TTL
Closed Loop Configuration
(requires remote encoder)

Type User supplied differential encoder
Steps per Revolution 200, 400, 800, 1000, 1600, 2000, 3200, 5000, 6400, 10000, 12800, 20000, 25000, 25600, 40000, 50000, 51200, 36000 (0.01 deg/μstep), 21600 (1 arc minute/μstep), 25400 (0.001mm/μstep)
Encoder resolution User-Defined
Note: μstep/rev 2X the encoder count/rev minimum
Stack length Single length Double length Triple length
Holding torque oz-in 32.0 60.0 74.9
N-cm 22.6 42.4 52.9
Detent torque oz-in 1.66 2.08 3.47
N-cm 1.17 1.47 2.45
Rotor inertia oz-in-sec2 0.00053 0.00080 0.00116
kg-cm2 0.038 0.057 0.082
Weight oz 10.4 12.0 15.2
grams 294.8 340.2 430.9


Torque/Speed Curves

torque speed curves

MDrive17Plus Motion Control



MDrive17Plus2 Motion Control

with industrial connectors


  • QuickStart Kit
  • Encoders
  • Linear Actuators
  • Connectivity
  • Protection
quickstart thumbnail
Above photo represents a QuickStart Kit.
Kit cabling varies with MDrivePlus ordered.

All-inclusive QuickStart Kits facilitate rapid design verification by bundling MDrive products with everything needed to connect quickly and conveniently, enabling engineers to confirm with confidence that their application’s design goals are met.

QuickStart Kits include: a single sheet instruction guide, software/manuals CD, and connection cabling including Communication Converter and Prototype Development Cable(s).

Order QuickStart Kits simply by placing a “K” at the beginning of an MDrive part number.

Connecting an MDrive has never been easier with readily available Communications Converters and Prototype Development Cables, in addition to Mating Connector Kits for use in building your own cables. Select the “Connectivity solutions” tab above for details on these connectivity options.

Internal encoder
The internal encoder option is a 512-line (2048 count) differential magnetic encoder. The internal magnetic encoder offers two key advantages:

  1. Reduced connections externally, thus reduced system cabling, as encoder feedback is all internal to the MDrivePlus.
  2. Smaller footprint to the MDrivePlus than an externally mounted encoder.

Remote encoder interface
The remote encoder option, while adding additional wiring to the MDrivePlus, offers two key advantages:

  1. The user can choose the type of encoder and line count.
  2. The encoder may be placed directly on the load rather than at the encoder shaft.

Note: The remote encoder interface reduces the number of available I/O points from 8 to 4. General purpose I/O 9-12 and Step and Direction I/O are replaced by differential encoder inputs.

Combining leading all-in-one integrated stepper motor+driver technology with linear motion to deliver long life, high accuracy and unsurpassed repeatability, all in a package that is extremely compact and affordable.

>   Non-captive shaft
>   External shaft

NOTE: To view specific connectivity options for a particular MDrive model, see Connector options by P/N tab above.

Communication Converters

Electrically Isolated, in-line converters pre-wired with mating connectors to conveniently set parameters and program a single MDrivePlus via a PC USB port.

Converter Part Number Mating Connector Type
MD-CC400-001 (USB to RS-422/485) 10-Pin IDC
MD-CC401-001 (USB to RS-422/485) 5-Pin M12 Circular
MD-CC402-001 (USB to RS-422/485) 10-Pin Friction Lock Wire Crimp

If building your own cabling, you will need:

  • RS-422/485 inline converter or PC card
  • Cabling with appropriate mating connectors for the MDrive model selected
  • For information on Party Mode (Multidrop) communications view the product manual


Prototype Development Cables

Prototype development cables are designed to speed test/development with pre-wired mating connectors that have flying leads other end. No prototype development cables are available for the MDrivePlus using the 12' Flying Leads or Pluggable Clamp Terminal Strip.

Prototype Development Cable P/N Mating Connector Type Signal Type
PD16-1417-FL3 16-Pin Locking Wire Crimp I/O and Power
MD-CS100-000 19-Pin M23 Circular (Straight) I/O and Power
MD-CS101-000 19-Pin M23 Circular (Right Angle) I/O and Power

If building your own cabling, you will need:

  • Appropriate mating connector and crimp pins if required (Mating connector kits are available for Locking Wire Crimp style connectors)
  • Crimp tooling (Locking Wire Crimp) or solder station (19-Pin M23)
  • Shielded twisted pair cabling


Mating Connector Kits

Mating Connector Kits are used to build your own cables. Kits contain 5 mating connector shells with pins. Cable not supplied. Manufacturer crimp tooling recommended.

Mating Connector Kit P/N Mating Connector Type Shell Mfg. P/N Crimp Pins Mfg. P/N
CK-10 16-Pin Locking Wire Crimp JST:  PADP-16V-1S JST:  SPH-001T-PO.5L
CK-02 10-Pin Friction Lock Wire Crimp Hirose:  DF-11-10DS-2C Hirose:  DF11-2428SC
CK-01 10-Pin IDC Samtec:  TCSD-0501-N --


Drive Protection Module

The function of the DPM75 Drive Protection Module is to limit the surge current and voltage to a safe level when DC input power is switched on and off to a motor drive. This provides the added protection necessary for reliable motor drive operation when switching the DC power, instead of the recommended AC power to the DC power supply. The device is designed to protect the motor drive when operating under all load conditions. This device does not protect the motor drive from wiring the power incorrectly.

The unit is capable of being used with 48, 60, and 75 volt rated motor drives. An external jumper selection is available so the user can match the circuit to their particular application. The DPM75 is capable of a steady state operating current of 4 amps.

The DPM75 can be used for any frame size motor drive, when properly configured. It can also be used for more than one unit provided the current and voltage do not exceed the DPM75's ratings. The maximum DPM75 ratings are 75 volts and 4 amps.

> DPM75 datasheet/quick reference

Interface Connecting Options

View mating connector interface options by MDrive part number (P/N).
Launch options with pull-down menu(s) below by completing part number.

partnumbering and connectivity
P/N:  MDI1 17 * 4

partnumbering and connectivity
P/N:  MDI3C 17 * 4

partnumbering and connectivity
P/N:  MDI4M 17 * 4