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Communication protocols



Premium high torque motors 

Robust Lexium MDrive products now include a premium high torque motor option for all NEMA 23 (57mm) motor versions. Torque range increases by up to 50%, while product compact size and format are maintained.

These products are especially well suited for industrial applications, including an IP65 rated version with circular M12 connectors. High torque stepper motors may replace servos, lowering system costs and delivering continuous torque at low speed. Bulky gearboxes may also be eliminated, for more cost and space savings.
Products are programmable and networkable, satisfying motion control requirements in many new and existing applications. Communication protocols include:

Optionally, closed loop performance with hMTechnology is available for enhanced performance and energy savings.

Lexium MDrive with premium high torque motors 

  Plugabble connectors IP65 rated / M12 connectors

RS-422/485 communications


Ethernet TCP/IP
EtherNet/IP, Profinet IO, Modbus/TCP and MCode/TCP



CANopen version
DS301 and DSP402. CAN 2.0b active+




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